6 Common Tile & Grout Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

You may find it challenging to tackle time-consuming and challenging cleaning tasks such as tile & grout cleaning with a busy schedule. That said, even if you undertake DIY, sometimes you can do more harm than good when it comes to protecting the look and lifespan of your tile and grout.

Common Tile & Grout Cleaning Mistakes

Listed here are six common mistakes you must avoid when it comes to cleaning your grout and tile:

Cleaning with Colored Cleaners and Dirty Mop Water

When tile and grout surfaces are not properly sealed, they soak up liquids because of their porous feature. A cleaning agent with a strong color can stain your grout and tile. Likewise, wiping these surfaces with dirty mop water also results in visibly faint staining. To prevent such issues, you must frequently change your mop water and wisely choose your cleaning agents.

Applying Vinegar

Although vinegar is a natural cleaning substance, it is pretty acidic. Applying vinegar may appear to assist in tile & grout cleaning but, a closer look reveals otherwise. Acidic cleaners like vinegar dissolve the uppermost layer of cement surfaces, compelling you to re-grout at the earliest.

Resorting to Muriatic Acid

Powerful muriatic acid can permanently damage your tile and grout. The resultant damage is often so extensive, leaving you with no choice but to replace the tile and re-grout. Specialist cleaners undergo comprehensive training, which equips them to restore the original charm of your home’s surfaces.

Potent Bleach Usage

This potent cleaning chemical may be readily available in your home but is not advisable for your grout and tile. The bleach can erode your grout and cause discoloration as it is too harsh a chemical. Experts in tile & grout cleaning address discoloration in tiles with high-quality color sealers that seal the grout and make your tile floors sparkle.

Washing with Soapy Cleaners

Instead of removing grime from tile and grout lines, soap-based cleaners leave a residue that encourages dirt build-up. As a result, your tile surfaces begin to look unappealing, dull, and dark instead of elegantly charming.

Vigorously Rubbing with Abrasive Products

Using steel wool sponges and other abrasive products on your tiling leaves behind scratch marks and destroy smoothness. As you damage your tile surface, the sealant also weakens. When this happens, moisture enters your tile and grout resulting in irreparable damage.

Why Depend on Tile & Grout Cleaning Professionals?

  • You need to outsource the cleaning of your porous tile and grout to seasoned professionals as they can:
  • Eliminate all the debris that makes these surfaces dull
  • Prevent costly repairs and replacements by ruling out discoloration, cracks, and other damage
  • Preserve your health by safeguarding you from harmful fungal growth and musky odors
  • Avoid using cleaning solutions that contain harsh and corrosive chemicals

You can depend on Zebedee Group’s unparalleled experience for thorough and impeccable tile & grout cleaning needs. Serving the Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach areas, we provide our clients with the very best in-home cleaning services. Get in touch with us today.

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