COVID-19 Coronavirus Cleanup Company

Do you have any property, home, or business that has been exposed to or you believe has been exposed to COVID-19? If so, we can help! At Zebedee Group, we are a cleaning and disinfecting company capable of handling life-threatening environments, materials, and viruses like the one we are facing around the world. As a Coronavirus cleaning company, We clean and disinfect residential homes and commercial businesses to the core that contain the spread of the virus to protect future guests and personnel from becoming infected. Our compassionate, dedicated, professional, and discrete team of experts are ready to help and just a phone call away. 

COVID-19 Coronavirus Cleanup Company

If your property has been exposed to COVID-19 strain, don’t wait and take action by hiring our Coronavirus cleanup services. Keep your employees and family members safe with Zebedee Group. We also specialize in all kinds of cleaning services to maintain your household, office space, warehouse facility, or parking lot business in pristine condition. From floors, walls, and other surfaces that can be in contact with the Coronavirus from previous human exposure, we have the resources to clean any trace of the virus deeply.

Thanks to Fiberlock Shockwave, a cleaning supply Tested Beyond Standard, we can eradicate the virus that can live on a surface for hours, possibly as long as a day. Even though it’s labor-intensive, this outbreak can be contained with a deep cleaning and disinfecting techniques. Areas that are difficult to reach without the proper equipment, we can due to our state of the art equipment. In our homes, a good habit of washing your hands and not touching your face is preventative measures, but don’t forget that high touchpoints like faucets, door handles, water fountains are used by multiple people throughout the entire day. 
With a Proactive Coronavirus Disinfection service, we can proceed and clean the premises after hours so future patrons, customers, and residents, of a business or apartment complex, can coexist in an environment that is constantly being disinfected daily, bi-weekly or weekly with a cleaning and disinfection service.

If you are aware of a suspected case but not a confirmed case of COVID-19 Coronavirus inside your premises, a detailed, acute a deep cleaning and decontamination can be performed. With our Coronavirus Eradication Response, we will customize a plan of action specific to you, the client, your business, employees, and customers.

Zebedee Group

Serving Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach counties, we provide you the very best at a time of need to help eradicate this worldwide pandemic virus. Our disinfection and cleaning Coronavirus Response team is here to help. In the most convenient time for you and your business, we got you covered. 

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