Carpet Cleaning After Water Damage

Carpet Cleaning After Water Damage

Water damage not only affects personal possessions but parts of your house, such as damaged carpets. However, don’t jump to any conclusions when the water has been allowed to set into a carpet and that the only solution is to replace it. Though you may feel that your carpet is far from fixing, there are cases when it is salvageable. Zebedee Group offers top-notch carpet cleaning services and can let you know if your carpet is worth repairing.

Does My Carpet Need Replacement After Water Damage?

As mentioned above, carpets that have been wet for more than a few days may need to be replaced. But before you assume you need a new carpet, there are some steps to take. First, call a professional restoration service. Zebedee Group offers thorough and professional carpet cleaning services. We can come in and inspect your carpet and let you know what steps need to be taken. Second, try to clear out as much water as possible so that there is a better chance of the carpet drying. Using mops and rags to sop up excess water can help reduce bacteria and mold. Reducing moisture and using drying agents will also help. So, while you may feel you will have to dish out the extra money for new carpeting, make sure to reach out to professionals first.

Carpet Cleaning by Zebedee Group

When faced with the burdensome situation of carpet damage from flooding or some other catastrophic event, making you feel overwhelmed and stressed. One of our main goals at Zebedee Group is to ease your stress and help carry the load while assisting you with our services. Carpets are put through a lot: spills, pet fur, dirt, and bacteria from shoes, and often flooding, but this doesn’t mean you need to go through the added expense of replacing them every few years. We have the skills and resources to assiduously clean your carpets, giving them a fresh new look as well as a longer lifespan, saving you money. Not only do we have the tools to clean your carpets, but we also offer expert tips and advice on how to keep your carpets looking new and smelling fresh. We sanitize, deodorize, and restore all types of carpet and can help you decide what steps to take after water damage.

Let Zebedee Group help you get the most out of your carpet for years to come. Call today at 954-414-5762

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