Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

After several businesses allowed to reopen in Florida after being shuttered due to corona-virus, Zebedee Group offers cleaning services to provide business owners and patrons with a sanitized space according to standard specifications to prevent further exposure of the virus.

Our services start with an assessment of the area we are about to clean to custom-tailor a cleaning plan. We don’t rely on one-size-fits-all cleaning solutions. Instead, we analyze your workplace and proceed with a cleaning plan to deeply clean every corner and surface to make it a suitable working environment again. 

Our team has extensive experience and training with commercial buildings to disinfect areas that require special attention due to machinery or equipment that also needs to be disinfected. 

  • We are trained to clean the following commercial spaces:
  • Medical and dental practices, including surgical centers and walk-in clinics.
  • Industrial and manufacturing plants, warehouses, and shipping facilities.
  • Business and commercial businesses, offices, shops, retail stores, and banks.
  • Community and civic centers such as churches and other religious facilities. 
  • Schools, universities, and government buildings are always welcome, including daycare’s, preschools, fitness centers, etc.

All while using Eco-friendly chemicals, in conjunction with our cleaning protocols, and disinfection techniques, Zebedee provides superior coverage against these type of viruses.

Cleaning and disinfection preventable measures are needed to target in a smarter way, the elimination of germs and other contagions along the way in the workplace. Zebedee does this by keying in on bacterial hotspots and transfer points, keeping any workplace healthy, and reducing sick days from employees.

Zebedee will keep you compliant with all Florida regulations and standards, ensuring a safe and healthy workspace. We reinforce our commercial cleaning services to ensure your place meet high-level cleaning standards. Contact us today to do a cleaning assessment of your place or over the phone tell us how big is the area that needs to be cleaned and if it’s indoors, outdoors, or both. Let us give you a quote today at 954-414-5762

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