Schedule Your Marble Floor Polishing Today

Schedule Your Marble Floor Polishing Today

When it comes to the type of stone flooring you have in your home, marble can be one of the trickiest types. Part of that is due to its delicate nature. Marble is more likely than other stones to chip or otherwise be damaged—and part because marble frequently has a glossy finish. So, How Often Should You Schedule Marble Floor Polishing?

The glossy finish makes your floors vulnerable to scuffing and scratching. This makes it important to schedule marble floor polishing regularly. Here is when you’d know it’s time to schedule a service:

1. Cleaning Doesn’t Help
If your marble floors are very dirty, it’s natural to think that a professional polish would give them a nice clean look again. But if the dirt is embedded in the finish, you’ll want to consider having it removed by steam or another method before polishing can begin.

Otherwise, the grime will just be polished in with the rest of your marble, and you’ll need to have it waxed or otherwise maintained in short order.

2. Dullness Sets In
Marble floors are known for their unique look, and many homeowners prefer them over carpeting or fiberglass alternatives. If you notice that your marble floors are starting to look dull, this means that they’re not reflecting light the way they once did. This is a sure sign that polishing is needed.

3. Scratches and Scuffs Are Visible
Marble floors are fairly durable compared to other options, but even so, you will see scuffing and scratching over time. These can be particularly noticeable if you have white marble. Regular marble floor polishing will help keep your floors looking their best even as they continue to be used.

4. The Gloss Fades
Marble is known for its glossy finish, which helps it reflect light and give the impression of being wet. The gloss results from a surface sealer that may or may not need to be replenished every year. The degree to which you’ll need this will depend upon the type of finish your floor has, and this can range from matte to high-gloss.

If you live in an area where your floor gets a lot of foot traffic, it might be best to plan on polishing marble floors once per year. However, if you live in an area with less traffic, your floor may only need polishing twice per year or even less.

5. The Floor Is More Than Five Years Old
Marble floors tend to last for many years, but they don’t last forever. If you have a marble floor that is five or more years old and it has yet to be polished, now would be the time to schedule your service. Since your floor will most likely outlast most of its owners, it’s good to have its finish enriched every once in a while.

Marble flooring can be one of the most beautiful types of stone flooring you’ll find for your home. However, these floors are best maintained with regular marble floor polishing and waxing services, so if your marble floors aren’t as shiny as they used to be, you’ll want to look into having them polished.

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