Home and Office Cleaning Disinfection Service

Home and Office Cleaning Disinfection Service

With the Coronavirus still around us, cleanliness has become a necessity. Simple cleaning is no longer enough when it comes to preventing this type of illness. As one of the biggest threats upon us, cleaning professionals like Zebedee Group have adapted to the actual situation, offering a new range of cleaning and disinfection services.

For homeowners and businesses, we utilize industrial-strength disinfectants with a wide range of cleaning agents. All contaminated furniture, walls, and floors will be cleaned and sanitized.

We follow a coronavirus disinfection process for our crew members, trucks, tools, and waste. We comprehend that the safety of you, your family, and workers are on the line. This disease outbreak is very severe, so we do not take any chances!

Our Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services follow a strict protocol in order to ensure we get rid of allergens, bad odors, germs, and other types of bacteria.
There’s no germ these products can’t hide from. Also, we use the best disinfectant suppliers in the industry with great care.

Our technicians are qualified to handle these cleaning agents and trained to use all cleaning equipment properly. They understand how to avoid contamination and how to clean and disinfect any challenging space. To be effective and safe with our coronavirus disinfection, our company follows all official recommendations from health care specialists.

Nobody can see if a surface is contaminated. The only way is by cleaning and disinfecting everything very often. That is why, to reduce this risk of contamination, you need professional cleaning and disinfection done by experienced and knowledgeable technicians like Zebedee Group.

For cleaning and disinfecting, our professional cleaning staff is here to help. We are happy to provide you with a custom quote. Call today at 954-414-5762

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